Tuesday, May 14, 2013

4/30 - 5/3 Virginia to Michigan

After my two weeks in the Outer Banks, I headed north to Virginia Beach, where I spent two nights, and then on to Michigan for several doctor and dentist appointments.  Did not take many photos on the way, but it was a beautiful drive.  Here is the beach at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach:

And I wholeheartedly recommend the drive along I64 to Ohio.  It was a relatively unbusy freeway that meandered through some very beautiful West Virginia countryside:

I stayed for a second time at Sterling State Park in Monroe, Michigan, along Lake Erie.  There are really no campgrounds in the Detroit area, so this was the closest.  It is a nice place to relax because of the view along the lake.  Not a place to swim or do much beach walking, but it had electric or full hookup sites and was pretty. 

Next stop was Decatur, IN, to leave my vehicle for some major warranty work.  Not much of a campground, but the parking lot for the Fleetwood Customer Service Center had electric hookups and was free.  The deal is that you pick a spot, hookup, and the next morning go into the office at 6:00 am for your appointment.  Someone brings your vehicle in, and you are given a pair of safety goggles.  Once you do that, you are welcome to stay in your vehicle while they work and walk around the shop floor. 

I have a couple of soft spots in my floor, so they have to pulls the slides off, tear up the linoleum, and replace faulty plywood, so it is quite a process.  They have estimated 240 man-hours for this project, or a total of two weeks. I will stay with my son and his wife in Ohio while all of this takes place.

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