Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4/10 Hunting Island State Park Marshes

I rode my bike four miles down the road to the park nature center.  Not the best road to ride a bike because there was no bike path of even shoulder to the road.  Cars and trucks just had to swerve around me.  On the right is the pine woods of the barrier island and on the left is the marsh that separates it from the mainland.

I stopped part way to walk out on a boardwalk and met thousands of little fiddler crabs sifting through the mud for food. I was told later that these are China backed fiddler crabs because they were oval shapped.  The males have the large claw.

And here are some clams that are shut waiting for high tide to feed.

At the very end of the island is the nature center and a fishing pier.  There are oyster beds that were planted to protect the shore.

There was a pretty little sandbar at the opening of the sound, but I was too tired to walk there.

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