Sunday, April 28, 2013

4/19 Climbing the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

This was the first day the lighthouse has been open for climbing, so I went this morning before heading off to the ferry.  I had to wait for an hour, so I went back to my motorhome and fixed myself a sandwich and relaxed in my recliner.  So nice to have your own home with you all the time!

This is a very tall lighthouse with over 248 steps to the top! Love the stripes.  Each of the lighthouses in the Outer Banks has a different paint pattern.  I bought a t-shirt with three of them on it.

 Nice view from the top.

You can see my motorhome parked at the bottom along with the buses.  This photo also shows the path where the lighthouse traveled when it was moved in 1997.  There is a PBS program that describes how they did it, and you can see the original sandy pad in the distance very close to the beach and the path the lighthouse traveled on to get to where it is today.

Unfortunately, the lens at the top was damaged severely between the time the lighthouse was electrified and the lens donated to a museum, but it is now stored nearby.

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