Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3/30 Universal Studios (Not Quite Disney)

This was a disappointment.  Not only did I pick the wrong time of year to come (spring break) but I kept comparing it to Disney.  There were a lot of little things like how lines were managed and bathrooms kept up that seemed a bit second rate.  Ditto for landscaping and overall size.  The other thing that irritated me was that I paid $130 for a two-day pass, and an Express Pass that would have enabled me to skip lines would have cost another $150 for two days, meaning the cost would have been $140 per day for one person--way too much for my budget!!  One lady complained that it would have cost them an extra $800 for her family to skip the lines for two days.

The first attraction I saw when I walked in had a sign stating that the wait was an incredible 140 minutes!  Glad I don't like rollercoasters.  I ended up riding one kiddie slow ride, watching a parade, and seeing one stunt show in four hours. Almost all rides had signs stating that waits were at least an hour, and I am not willing to stand in line for an hour for a short ride. (It was irritating to watch the "first class" people, having paid that exhorbitant rate for an express pass, skipping the lines and causing them to be longer for the rest of the people.)  Anyway, here are some photos.

And here I am on my way back to my campground.  I took a cab so at least no parking costs.

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