Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3/31 Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure

Today I used the second part of my two-day pass, this time going to the other half of the park, called Islands of Adventure.  I have to admit that the themed buildings are well done, in terms of reflecting the various movies put out by Universal Studios.  However, it was even more crowded today than yesterday.  So here is the entrance:

I did like the Dr. Seuss themed area, which was a kiddie park.  As well as rides, there were lots of things to climb on and through.  Thought especially that the carosel was well done.

The Harry Potter town of Hogsmead was also well done, and the replica of the Hogswart Express was impressive.  It did remind me of the day trip I took on the real Hogswart Express, aka the Jacobite Steam Train, while I was in Scotland except with a slightly different engine. Would do that trip again in a flash!

And some of the themed gift shops and restaurants on the way out.  By the time I left, I could barely walk through the crowds so getting photos was tough.

This is a place I will probably not bother coming back to.  Too many attractions that were roller-coaster type rides and too many people.  Also big ratio of gift shops and restaurants to actual attractions.  No parades in this park, either.

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