Sunday, June 13, 2021

6/11 Drive to Denver & Chatfield SP

Beautiful drive today from Frisco to Denver.  I took I-70 the entire way until I got to Denver and then had to drive through rush hour to make it to my campground.  

I would have had a shorter drive with less traffic, but I decided to try to stop at the only Blue Beacon Truck Wash in Denver, which was on the northeast side of town.  Unfortunately, when I got there, there two two long lines to get into both the regular wash line and the "wash-out line."  The latter is where they wash out the inside of trucks that are going to haul things that need to have a clean space.  This could be anything from furniture to being moved or food items.  One of the employees came out and told me I had to wait in the nearby parking area until space became available in line.

Normally, I plan on an hour to get through the line with the big trucks, but based on the length of the two lines, I figured this would take at least two hours.  So, after watching nothing move for a few minutes I left.  Then of course, my campground, Chatfield SP, was southwest of the city, so that added at least another hour and 40 miles to my drive.  Whew!  Not a fun end to a beautiful drive:

There was a small brush or grass fire, but the freeway used its big electric signs to tell drivers there was a fire ahead and to please not report it.  I can imagine on a busy freeway like that, EVERYONE called 911 when they saw a fire and overran the system.

It looks like I made it past the fire just in time.  Here is an article that talks about the eastbound lanes being closed the day before and then being reopened today.   The fire is really only a couple of miles from Silverthorne.

It is a good thing the freeway reopened when it did so I could get through.   It would have been a very long and very high bypass over Loveland Pass!!

Getting above the tree line.

Here comes the Eisenhower Tunnel, which is at 11,158 feet in elevation.

After the tunnel, it is all downhill to Denver. 

Finally, after my GPS taking me the long way to the state park entrance, I filled up with water and made it to my campsite.  Huge spot with lots of space around me, and no nearby campers.  Also, space was level and had good clear satellite view.

The state park is here because of the reservoir, but lakes are something I really don't care about. 

I looked this guy up, and he was a black-billed magpie. 

Had to look it up, but it is a copper mallow. 

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