Monday, June 27, 2016

6/27 Downtown Napa, CA

Thought I would post some photos of downtown Napa.  There is lots going on downtown.  A lot of buildings have had construction done to repair walls after the earthquake and others have had facelifts.  The shopping center in the middle of town is completely shut down because they are building a brand new several story hotel in the middle of it.  Some shops have relocated, but rest will not be open until construction is finished in another two years or so.

Photos of damage I took in October, 2014 can be found here:

Got my electric bike out, so off I go to take photos.  This is the RV park at the Napa EXPO, the county fairgrounds.  It is the best place to stay in Napa because it is so close to downtown and because it has full hookups and all paved campsites, so no dust and dirt.

Over the river, looking back towards the fairgrounds with a good view of the hills in the distance.  Lots of bike trails in Napa, also.

This is part of the riverside park in Napa.

A year ago, the side of this building was being held up by the buckets of three front-end loaders that were placed against it side. Now, it is stable and undergoing restoration.

Nice that they were able to save all the fancy work on the top.

I think this is the courthouse, still wrapped and undergoing restoration.

This is a building getting renovated, with the shopping center area in the distance and under reconstruction. 

This is the new hotel rising above the closed-off shopping center.


This building has been completely restored.  Right after the earthquake, they had to remove the roofs over the corner towers and mostly gut this building.  Now it is back in business.

Napa has some very interesting architecture.  I like the tile and brickwork on this building. 

The building on the left has a bronze showing a couple looking to the distance.  The one on the right has a rooftop restaurant and interesting stone detail. 

 This is an interesting stone building that has been renovated.

My grandkids used to love to go inside this toy store. 

And this is one of my favorite places in Napa--Shackford's kitchen supply store.  Don't miss it if you ever go to Napa.  Incredible stuff inside!!  The building survived the earthquake, but they had to replace all the ceramic teapots and cookie jars along the windows! 

These are new buildings but built in the style of many of the old buildings in town.


This very old stone building is being rebuilt and will become a brewery in a year or so. 

I was lucky enough to be at a crossing to catch the wine train a couple of days ago. 

Napa also has some very nice Victorian homes and other built in California style. I saved these until last. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

6/21 Rio Viento Campground, Rio Vista, CA

This is one of my favorite campgrounds because it is in such an interesting (and out of the way) place and is so spotlessly clean.  I've stayed here when I could not get a place at the EXPO in Napa, which is what happened this time.  It's located about 50 miles east of Napa, along the Sacramento River in the Delta region.  To get there, you have to cross a couple of very narrow bridges:

Curvy mountain passes are nothing compared to these narrow bridges!

Then, you turn right onto Sherman Island and drive along the top of the levee.  Narrow road, but luckily not too much traffic. 

This is a VERY windy place, hence the windmill farm across the river.

The campground is along the road, but has no view of the river because of the levee being so tall. 

No dusty roads here!!  And very large camping sites. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

6/19 South Lake Tahoe Campground

I was planning on spending three nights here and having time to ride my bike around and explore.  Unfortunately, my bike needs repair and I have to get to Napa sooner than I though to get a cap on a tooth.  So, I had only one night here, and I probably picked the worst night possible since it was Sunday, and the place was packed!  I think I am going to come back, but at a quieter time of year.

Since I came in from Nevada, this was my first view of the Sierras.

This is certainly an interesting route!

Campground was a little too woodsy for me.  I like open views and easy satellite access.  Thick woods makes me a little claustrophobic.  Also, a little tricky pulling in and out because of the big trees on either side of my site.

This is the beach and picnic area across the road from the campground.  Nice view, but really, really dirty water. 

This is the south end of Lake Tahoe, and I was really surprised at how muddle the water was.  Yuck!!!  I don't think I would want to swim here!  It looks clearer in the distance, so maybe next time, I will try one of the campgrounds father north around the lake.

Traffic, traffic, traffic.  Even though the campground is directly across the street from the beach, I had to walk down to the light to cross.