Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6 Napa, CA, Earthquake Damage Photos

I rode my bike through downtown Napa today and took a few photos of the damage, which was mostly confined to the downtown area, which was built on river mud.  In this first photo, you can see the damage in the rear of this building.

The side wall of this building is in danger of collapsing since it has partially separated from the rest of the building.  They have two cranes pushing against the wall to keep it from falling.

This is the city municipal building with drapes.  Underneath, they are fixing brickwork and walls.

This is an older building on a side street.   

This building has structural problems, so they have removed two turrets and are reconstructing some of the external and internal walls.  You can see through the windows that it has been completely gutted.   
Note one of the turrets on the ground in the lower right of this photo.
This home had been moved from its foundation.  The main part of the building leans to the left, but the porch leans to the right. 

Another downtown store with damage.  This one looks as if it was constructed in about the 50s.

I think this is the courthouse.  Note the crack in the column behind the scaffolding.   

I'll try to take more photos tomorrow when it cools down to 89 during the day!!  It was 95 today, so not a pleasant day for a bike ride. 
What is amazing is how many buildings were NOT damaged.   

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