Thursday, October 23, 2014

10/23 Over the Sierras, Heading East

Headed east from Napa today, over the Sierras to Lake Topaz, NV.  My goal is to drive south down the eastern flank of the mountains this trip, ending up on I-40 for my drive east.

Lots of trees and curvy roads at the beginning of my drive.

Then, it started to get more rocky as the road climbed.  Since Napa is pretty much at sea level, I climbed up 7,500 feet today.  No wonder I had a line of cars behind me most of the time! 

This is Lake Tahoe in the distance.  I am not stopping here this trip, but I think I will in the future sometime.  I have been there once, many years ago, and have avoided it during the summer because of crowds, but maybe a nice weekday sometime....

Indeed, there are colors in the mountains!  No reds, but these yellows and oranges were pretty.

Made it to Nevada on the other side of the mountains!  It is all downhill from now--literally.  

Lake Topaz.

I checked into a small casino campground since there is really not much around this area.  This is the first site they gave me.  Now, really, does this look like 44' long???  Sometimes I can back into a small spot and hang over the end of it, but this site has a nice pile of rocks.


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