Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/7 Living and Traveling Solo in a Motorhome

While I have not written much about this, but I wanted to tell everyone about the surprisingly large community of women who travel full time, living in an RV.  Meeting and following the adventures of other women who do this is one of the best parts of this lifestyle. 

Over the slightly more than two years since I sold my condo and left my "home" with my new home, I have attended two get-togethers of women: one in Texas and one in Florida.  Each event was attended by about 25 women and their RVs, plus a couple of friends and a husband or two.  In addition, I have met for lunch, dinner, or even a weekend with several other women in places such as Florida, Idaho, California, and Arizona.  In other words, we are all over the place!

In addition, I daily participate in a women-only blog of women who are full-timers, part-timers, wannabe's, and in the process of clearing out belongings and buying RVs.   Mostly, it is a pretty varied and normal group of women.  (They have offered me advice late at night when I had a stopped up toilet and suggested good places to visit.) 

A lot of discussion in more general RVer blogs is around safety traveling alone for both men and women.  Unfortunately, discussion (primarily among the men) ends up about whether we should be carrying guns or not!  Yuck.

I was directed to a blog today of a woman who has done an excellent job of talking about and listing blogs by women who RV solo and encouraging comments by other women who are thinking about it or already on the road.  Check it out for more information and links to other women. 

FYI, I have met Gaelyn (aka Geogypsy, one of the long-term bloggers mentioned in the blog above) at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon when I was there a couple of years ago.  I knew she worked in the visitor center and recognized her immediately!  She told me she fell in love with and bought her most recent 5th wheel camper because it had a laundry chute into a "basement" storage area.

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