Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/28 Meteor Crater, AZ

Meteor Crater has been privately owned for more than a century. I was originally staked as a mining claim and then later leased to the family that currently runs the attraction.  I have been here before, but like Grand Canyon, it is impressive every time I see it.

You can see the crater in the distance.  Before the meteor hit, the land was completely flat.  The impact caused the rock layers to lift, so it now looks like there was a hill there originally.

Pretty desolate area around the crater. 

You are allowed to walk only in specific areas around the rim, unless you receive special permission as a researcher. The viewpoints are very accessible, however.

Over the decades, a lot of holes were dug or drilled in the middle to find the remains of the old iron meteor, but nothing of substance has ever been found because it is likely it broke up before it hit or upon impact.

If you look closely at the rock layers in this photo, you can see how it has been lifted and bent.

This 2' long chunk is the largest part of the original meteor that has been found. The original was estimated to be 150 feet across, traveling at 26,000 MPH.

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