Saturday, June 30, 2012

6/30 - Today was the first day of my Great Adventure!  Ok, it was more than a bit dull driving through middle Ohio and Indiana, but it felt good to be on the road and finally getting somewhere.  Tomorrow I will be driving past Chicago and landing near Madison, Wisconsin, for the night, looking forward to getting to visit the Klausing-Jones clan in Minneapolis, which includes my nephew, Kyle. 

I have a comfy 31' 8" home on wheels that has almost all the comforts of home--AC, complete though tiny bathroom and kitchen, sofa, "short" queen master bedroom, overhead queen bunk, small dinette in the back that makes into two bunks, and my Lazyboy recliner!  Only things missing are a dishwasher and washer-dryer, but I will manage without. 

Also, got to keep this place neat and tidy because if you don't things will fall on the floor as you drive or rattle and drive you crazy.  Things rattle on bumpy roads enough, but nothing like hearing a crash and wondering what it is.  I will try to post some photos tomorrow.