Thursday, October 31, 2019

10/17 Drive Through Wyoming to Curt Gowdy SP

Yes, I am still catching up, but here are some photos of my drive through Wyoming to Curt Gowdy State Park.  As I was driving through this beautiful country, I kept thinking that Montana was called "Big Sky Country," but surely this also qualifies!

Wish I had had more time here to explore, but I was in a hurry to get to Ohio and Michigan.  Will have to come back here sometime. 

To get to Curt Gowdy State Park, you have to drive through Medicine Bow National Forest.  Pretty drive. 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

10/13 Surprising Twin Falls, ID

Twin Falls, ID, is a surprising place.  You have been driving for hours on a mostly flat, grassy plain on Interstate 84.  You decide to get off the freeway and head into this very pleasant town to get groceries or whatever, and you drive over a bridge.  You look down and it's like, "Wow! Who put the Grand Canyon here?"

These first six photos were taken from the main highway bridge into the city of Twin Falls in 2017.  I had little time to explore that day, but promised myself I would come back to see the actual falls.  

The river is the famous Snake River, the one where people take white water rafting trips and goes for hundreds of miles in Idaho, Wyoming, and other states.  If you ever go past Twin Falls, make sure you stop and enjoy the incredible view. There is good parking along both ends for cars and even RVs. 

This view is looking east, I believe.

See the tiny raft?  It is a long way down there! 

And the bridge from one of the viewing platforms. 

This is the view looking west.  Believe it or not, there is a golf course down there.

Now, the rest of these photos are of Shoshone Falls, which are to the east, just beyond the bend in the first photos.  Warning: Do NOT drive down here in anything larger than a 22' motorhome, and definitely unhook and leave your trailer at the top.  The road is very narrow and scary, and though I drove down, I will not do it again. Cars had to stop to let me go past and there are rocky overhangs and big dropoffs.  In spite of what says, there is also no campground down there!!

There are four RV parking spots, but I had to walk quite a way to the viewing platforms.

I think there are a lot more than two "twin" falls down here.  I was told that there is a lot more water flowing in early spring, so it may look different down there. 

Notice the tiny powerplant across the river on the left side of the photo?

This view is looking west, back toward town, just beyond the far bend in the river. 

Now, I tried to take a video of the falls a total of six times.  The first three times, someone said something loudly or coughed.  The last three times, the young couple next to me were making out and giggling, but I finally got the following.  It was a beautiful day, by the way, sunny and relatively warm.  Click on the link below to view my final version.

Friday, October 18, 2019

10/11 Heading East through Bend and Mountains

There is a big jump in time between my last post and this one because I had some medical appointments to take care of, and frankly, just got lazy once I came down with the shingles.  

Anyway, enough time in Oregon and the weather is getting bad, so it was time to get on the road and head east to Michigan and Ohio.  It will take me about two weeks of driving to make this 2,400 mile "repositioning."  The first part was to drive over the Cascades to Bend and then continue on to Idaho. Frankly, I think I got out of town just in time, considering the snow on the hills. 

Past the city of Bend, you enter a very dry area that is in the rain "shadow"  of the Cascades.  It may look like a lot of the same thing, but there are always surprises.

Notice how little traffic there is on parts of my travels?  It really makes it nice because I can slow down without accumulating a string of vehicles behind me.  There have also been times when I almost stop to take photos through my windshield. 

My next stop will be Twin Falls, ID.  I finally feel as if I am making some progress.

9/28 A Cold Drve to LePage Park, Oregon

It was about 130 miles from Wapanum to the part of the Columbia River that divides Washington from Oregon.  It had rained the night before and above a certain elevation, there was snow, so I took as many photos as I could.  This also is a very pretty drive. 

All these photos were taken through my RV window or at quick stops at scenic viewpoints.  I did not stay out of the vehicle for very long, however, as it was very, very cold!  Strangely, it was also foggy in places.  Not a good day for a hike!

This area looked as if it had been burned several years ago. 

9/26 Drive South to Wanapum State Park, WA

Yes, I know it is October, and I am posting stuff I should have posted in September.  However, I have an excuse--actually two excuses.  I started a new semester with 72 students in my online class and I came down with shingles.  Anyway, I am still very busy with teaching and just barely recovering from shingles, but I am going to try to squeeze a little time to catch up.  

Luckily, the shingles were relatively mild, probably because I had them as a child and also because I had the original shingles shot.  However, when it comes to shingles, even relatively mild is not fun.  Mostly, the rash is drying up and fading, but the nerve pain in my back and side feels like someone kicked me.  I had been having spasms of really intense pain, but now it has settled into a more moderate pain.  

Getting back to my travels--I left Beebe Bridge Campground for a short drive to another place along the Columbia River in Washington that had been recommended to me--Wanapum State Park.  It was a chilly and windy day, but a pretty drive nonetheless.

This area is very popular with local Washingtonians, but you don't see many people from out of state.  I will probably come back one day because it is so pretty, and it has some very nice campgrounds. 

This looks like a lake, but it is actually a dammed up portion of the Columbia River.

Over the bridge to the other side of the river. 

And in the distance is this little oasis of a campground--Wanapum State Park.  

Unfortunately, I did not take any photos inside the campground because it was cold, rainy, and windy.  Might come back here someday when it is warmer, dry, and calm!