Saturday, August 14, 2021

8/2 Traverse City, Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse

 Took a few hours one day and drove out here to see the lighthouse.  It is a long skinny peninsula near Michigan's "little finger" and juts out into Lake Michigan. Traverse City is at the base of the peninsula. 


The lighthouse is not very tall, but it did not need to be tall because it can be seen from a long way away anyway.  


This is a small log cabin that was moved here from farther south on the peninsula.  Looks cozy.  

More photos of the lighthouse and the beach in front of it.  It was a calm and sunny day, so you can see through the clear water.

I have climbed quite a few lighthouses in my travels, but I think this was the easiest!  

View from the top.

Not much else happening on this trip--dropped off my bike for a tuneup and to get the rear brakes fixed, visited my niece, and did some cherry product shopping.