Monday, July 11, 2016

7/7 Patrick's Point State Park, CA

Patrick's Point is about as far north on the California Coast as you can get.  It is just south of the Klamath River in redwood country.  Lot's of big trees and very wet!  As in it rained all the time we were there--just a little time to go out and view the Pacific.

The campground we stayed in had a lot of greenery between sites, so very private, even if a bit difficult to back into spots.

This is a neat point of land because you could walk out to it for a better view.

Here is a really colorful little guy.

This is a banana slug--about 6" long.  One nice thing about taking photos of slugs and snails is that they do not run away from you very fast.
This is the pier used by commercial fisherman in the nearby town of  Trinidad.

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