Tuesday, July 19, 2016

7/12 Bandon, OR

Today, I headed north to Newport, Oregon, and could not resist stopping at Bandon, OR, a very pleasant little town.  Best part is the bakery.  Yum!  Can you tell I have been here before?

A very pretty drive along the coast to get there.  Not terribly crowded here, either.

Here is the little port town of Bandon.  There is actually a lot for big vehicles right next to the main part of town, also.  Lots of little shops, besides the bakery.

Actually, the best part of town is the little harbor with all the wood carvings. This looks like King Neptune with his crown and seaweed.  

Bench is usable and made of large chunks of log.

This mermaid is holding a sea turtle.

And a sea lion?

A fisherlady.

A friendly looking whale.

Another creative bench.

Happy turtle???  Lots of teeth in any case.

Sea lion mother and pup.

Crabby crab.

A giant squid.

What better place for a fish than a harbor?


  1. love visiting all those little towns along the Oregon coast. Your pics makes me want to go there again.

  2. Thinking of coming back here next summer. Maybe will be in mountains in Colorado, instead, seeking cool air, but it is certainly pleasant here.