Saturday, July 30, 2016

7/25 Wheat Montana

Wheat Montana is a flour manufacturer and bakery in Three Forks, Montana.  I discovered it a few years ago and can't wait each year to go there again and stock up on yummy things. 

First, I spent a storm night in Lewis and Clark Caverns State park, which is located in a rocky valley with some interesting formations.  Look how tilted the land is here.

Got up the next morning and headed to Wheat Montana for breakfast.  Their café and bakery is located next to the flour milling facility, and the whole thing is just off I-90.  It also includes a gas station and large parking lot.  They started out as a farm, growing wheat, then began to mill it themselves and sell it as flour.  Here is their story:


Anyway, they make the best croissants and pastries anywhere.  Very fresh, to say the least.  This is a chocolate pastry.

And the absolutely best almond bear claw anywhere!

I bought six of these--one to eat for lunch later and five to freeze.  It is a croissant with ham and cheese baked into it. They heat up very nicely in the microwave and are wonderful.   Yum.

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