Friday, July 1, 2016

7/1 Lawson's Landing Campground at Dillon Beach

Spent two days here.  This beach is just north of Point Reyes and south of Bodega Bay.  The beach is gorgeous, although the campground has no hookups. 

When I was in California in February, everything was green.  Now it is dry and brown-yellow.

Someone has planted these trees a long time ago. 

And another row of trees.

Overview of Lawson's Landing in the distance.  Note the light fog.  You can smell it--fresh and clean even from here.

More fog. Cool and windy here.  Nice change from really hot Napa last week.

This Is Dillon Beach. 

This is the campground.  No direct view of the beach, but just a hike over the dunes.

Had to go up and down some steep hills, but nice view of the beach. 

Great view of ocean!!

 Don't know if I will come here because of lack of electric hookups, but it is a pretty place and love the sea breeze.

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