Monday, July 11, 2016

7/11 Harris Beach State Park, OR

Beautiful beach, even if it is a drive or walk down from the campground.  Our first afternoon was sunny, but it rained all day yesterday.  So, today was an excellent beach day.  This first photo is of the drive here--fog creeping in from the ocean.

Most of the clouds and fog are to the south of us. 

But this fog bank came in and moved very rapidly from north to south.  Check out this video:    You can tell how windy it was today by how fast the fog was moving.

This is a small pond between the beach and the cliff.  Kids really enjoyed swimming in it because it was shallow and also very warm, especially compared to the ocean!

You can tell people are not going in very far because it is so cold.  Brrrr.

I went for a walk just before dusk and saw this deer. 

And back to home sweet home.

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