Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3/7 Gilbert Ray Campground, Tucson Mountain Park

Gilbert Ray Campground is a county-owned campground in Tucson Mountain Park.  It is next to the western part of the Sonoran Desert National Monument and in one of the prettiest parts of the Sonoran Desert.  Sites are fairly well spread out, with electric hookups and good Verizon service--everything I need!  It's a little out of the way for motorhomes because vehicles over 22 feet are forbidden to drive through Davis Pass, which means going several miles south and then hooking back up north.

No bike path or shoulders on this road, but there were lots of people riding bikes when I drove in. 

There is brand-new asphalt on all the campground roads, which is nice. Lots of big cacti and natural beauty, as well.

Gambel's Quail are hard to catch for a photograph, so I stopped and took this one.  I just love these cute little guys! 

Many of the desert plants have started to bloom in the last couple of weeks.  This one is called Fairy Duster, for obvious reasons. 

One of the most common shrubs in the desert is creosote, and most are in full bloom right now. 

And this is Ocotillo.  Most are also now in full bloom.   

This cholla has lots of tiny pink buds.  It will be another couple of months before most of the cactus are in bloom, but I will be back in the Sonoran desert in April and May to see that. 

My coughing is mostly over, and I have gotten a lot of my energy back so tomorrow I will ride my electric bike almost four miles down the road to the Sonoran Desert Museum.  Nice not to have to pack up and drive my motorhome this short distance!   




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