Sunday, March 27, 2016

3/27 San Diego, CA

No posts for several days because I spent most of last week with my son's family at Disneyland.  Had a great time, but spring break is NOT the best time to visit because of the crowds.  Wore myself out walking and glad to be resting for a few days.

Anyway, now I am in San Diego, or at least one of the suburbs, in a regional campground.  The campground is in a slightly rural area, on top of a hill, so there are terrific views in all directions and a wonderful breeze all day and night.  The weather has been sunny and in the low 70s, so it has been perfect!

And last night and early this morning, several of the Easter Bunny's friends came out from the bushes next to my campsite and were hopping around.  No photos because bunnies are very fast!  Love this paved, full hookup campsite because of the view and because of the  large space and privacy afforded by the landscaping.

Lynn, one of my RVing friends, has lived all her life in San Diego and kindly offered to take me around for her deluxe tour of the city!  First stop was Fiesta Island, where another couple of friends camped once.  They just parked on the beach below and no one bothered them at all overnight.  Looks like the sand is hard enough to drive on.

Next stop was La Jolla.  I walked around this area and enjoyed the sea lions that took up residence a few years ago, although the local people are not so happy with the stink and how they have fouled the beach and ocean in this area.   Lots of people watching them, although it could be argued who was harassing who. 

Nice view down the coast.

Mostly the sea lions were females, but this very noisy guy is definitely a large male and proud of controlling his rock.

You can walk several hundred feet down the little oceanside park. 

The tower is for lifeguards, but I don't think many people swim in this area anymore because of sea lion attacks and not very clean water.

Speaking of fouling a beach, this little island is full of birds and very close to the so-called swimming area.

 After a walk, Lynn took me to Mount Soledad which has a controversial cross on it.  It has been here since 1913, and because this is government land, many people feel it should be removed.  The view, however, is NOT controversial, and it is well worth driving up here to look around.

The wall, shown here, commemorates veterans.
Very nice view of downtown San Diego. 

After this, I treated Lynn to lunch for a very pleasant day. 

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