Friday, March 4, 2016

3/3 Patagonia Lake State Park

I had seven days of reservations at this state park, not too far from Nogales, AZ, so I had to head out this way.  Getting mail and packages has been difficult on my travels and I usually have things shipped to a friend or relative near where I am going to be. I really wanted some new shorts from Kohl's, however, so I gave General Delivery another try, since I knew Kohl's only shipped USPS.  I have been told the trick is to pick a very small post office, so your package does not get lost!  

It worked!  I stopped at the Patagonia post office, walked in and said I had a General Delivery package waiting, and she recognized me name!  So I now have four new pairs of shorts that are Bermuda length.  Yea.

This part of Arizona is part of the Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem, not the Sonoran Desert, so no big-armed cactus.  It is almost 4,000 feet high, however, and a lot dryer, so interesting.  There are large, flat areas surrounded by craggy mountains.

The lake and campground are only about 12 miles from the Mexican border, but I only saw a couple of border control trucks and a patrolling helicopter once in a while.

This is an older state park, so sites were small and closer together than I like, but there were some very friendly people.  The couple next door offered any help I needed once they heard me cough I couple of times.

Hard to see the lake, but it is behind all the mesquite trees.

Since my cough was not going away and I was having problems sleeping, I made a visit to another urgent care center in Green Valley, AZ, about 50 miles north. The physician's assistant I saw gave me advice on all the over-the-counter medication I was taking and a prescription for codeine cough syrup, which made it a lot easier to sleep. 

So, I am back posting, albeit still not feeling 100% well.  I made another grocery run, and was supposed to be do laundry, but was still too shaky and weak, so skipped it.  I will be driving to Tucson tomorrow, and hopefully can get laundry done on the way.     


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