Sunday, March 20, 2016

3/19 Drive from Yuma, AZ, to Lake Morena, CA

I spend two nights in Yuma, visiting a cousin and his wife.  The next day, I drove from Yuma to Lake Morena, which is an almost dry lake and regional campground south of I-8 and about 60 miles east of San Diego, CA. (I am headed to Anaheim, for a few days at Disneyland.)

Anyway, it turned out to be a more interesting drive than I thought it would be.  First, I drove past the Imperial Dunes.  I had not even known they were there, but they are impressive.  I did not have time to stop, but maybe some other year.  These photos are all taken through my vehicle windshield as I was driving.  (Don't worry. I just point the camera and take a lot of photos, in the hopes that a couple will turn out.  I don't take my eyes off the road.)

After another 50+ miles of driving, the interstate entered the Jacumba mountains and the elevation went from about 500' to well over 3,500'.  What impressed me was that the mountains were made of jumbles of huge rocks.  Hardly any vegetation grows in them.

Lots and lots and lots of rocks!

The mountains got a little flatter, and had more vegetation on the other side of the mountains.  I stayed at a regional park near the town of Campo, CA, but this is mostly cattle country. 

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  1. It seems you had a great trip over there, that quite long travel though. Happy travelling and God speed.