Thursday, March 31, 2016

3/29 San Diego Safari Park

This is the safari park owned by the San Diego Zoo.  It is north of San Diego, so I stopped here on my way to San Juan Capistrano. There is some duplication of animals, but mostly this place was formed so that they could have breeding space for African plains animals. 

Do you like my parking spot?  Unlike the zoo, this place has real RV and bus parking, just past the handicap sites, but as I am used to, I parked at the far end.  And, the most important part is that when I came back, there were no cars parked around me.  Yea!

Nice map just inside the entrance.

And a sampling of some of the animals.  I like this guy's hat.

It is an enormous park, so I set off walking.

This bird looks very much like a green heron, but the coloring is wrong.

I spent quite a bit of time watching the gorillas.  This is the silverback "dad."

Most of the gorillas were lazing around or trying to sleep.  All but the one above and two juveniles are females.

This mom has a baby playing at her feet.

Check out this video of the baby and his slightly older adopted brother playing.  Notice that "dad" is keeping an eye on things.

Onwards to the safari tram.  Nice walk on the way, but a long wait.

This truck if a different tour.  Cost is $110 per person.  Might try it another year.

These look like cheetah cubs.  They had two litters in the last 12 months.

The tram takes you around this area where a lot of hoofed animals live in herds.

These are wild asses from Africa.

An animal care area.

White rhino and baby taking a rest.

Not so cold and windy today, so I really enjoyed the Safari park. Not enough energy to see the whole thing, however, so maybe another year.

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