Saturday, August 8, 2015

8/7 Lake Placid, NY

Lake Placid was crawling with crowds of people, and I did walk through the town, but the only thing I bought was a Ben and Jerry's ice cream cone at a scoop shop.  Did you know there actually is a lake in Lake Placid?  Very pleasant place to get away from the crowds and watch people on the lake.

But I was mostly interested in the Olympic ice rinks and museum from the 1980 Olympics,, so I spent most of my time here in the ice arenas and the museum.   

There are actually two ice arenas in this facility.  This is the entrance to the 1932 original rink.  It was used in the Olympics, as well.  

There were several figure skating camps for kids, but when I was there, kids were mostly waiting for the rink to get resurfaced.

By the Zamboni, of course!!

This is the ice rink that was built for the 1980 Olympics where the U.S. team made up mostly of college students and other amateurs beat the professional Russian team.  

And some kids from the hockey camps waiting to get on the ice.

Lots of Olympic memorabilia lining the corridor walls from many years of U.S. hockey teams.  These are championship certificates.  

I really enjoyed the ice skating museum.  This is a poster of Sonja Henie, who I remember seeing in an ice show when I was a child.  She was an Olympic champion and the first real ice skating "star." 
On the left is Sonja Henie's costumes and her skates are in the middle.  

This red outfit was worn by Linda Frattianne in the 1980 Olympics.

This is a line-up of U.S. Olympic Team clothing, mostly worn during the parade of athletes. 

And here is the goal from the 1980 Olympic game that the U.S. team won.

Some Olympic medals.

And very interesting to me was this collection of skating shoes from decades and even centuries past.

No wonder people fell down a lot with the above on their feet!

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