Monday, August 10, 2015

8/10 Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain, NY

I've been doing a lot of sightseeing lately, so I took yesterday off from my "vacation"!  Actually, what I did was sleep in, rest up, and got some teaching work done.  It felt good to relax.

But this morning, I was up and out  and on my way to nearby Fort Ticonderoga.  I had been here many, many years ago when my dad had to go to a board of education conference in Montreal. He packed us all up and took us there via New York City, but one of our stops on the way was this fort.  I remember it specifically because he complained for decades about having to stop for all the forts!

It's not a big fort, but it was built by the French, taken by the British from them, and then taken by the American's during the War of Independence, so it is a very historically significant place.

This is the view to the south, looking over the very southern end of Lake Champlain to the portage to Lake George. Another reason why this place is historic.

Check out the names of the people who entered the fort. 

There was a musket shooting demonstration.

Lots of cannons.

And even though it was a Monday, we had a fife and drum corp.  (I think they were from the local school.)

The original fort was wooden, but it was soon replaced by stone.

Looking north toward Lake Champlain.  Nope, Champ was nowhere in sight.

This kind of surprised me.  I was planning on taking a bridge over Lake Champlain into Vermont, but found this small ferry instead.  No bridge for a long way south. 

After my experience a couple of years ago on a small ferry on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the waves were 6-7 feet tall, I was a little concerned.  But at least it was pretty calm today.  Charge for a car was $5.  I paid $16 but just happy to get to the other side. Glad it was not a full ferry.

So, on to Burlington, VT, for a few days! 

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