Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/23 Bar Harbor, ME

It's been mostly drizzly and foggy since I have been here, so I was glad to have a bit of sun today to go out and do some preliminary exploring.  Since I like this campground, have a nice site with a small view of the ocean in the distance, and have excellent Verizon service, I have decided to stay here a full week.  This gives me a chance to see a lot of things even if the weather is not perfect. 

Bar Harbor is located on what is almost an island along the Atlantic coast of Maine.  It's about halfway from the Massachusetts to the border of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.  (I'll be headed there next week.)

The biggest part of this rocky island is composed of Acadia National Park, as shown on the map below.

One of the nicest things about this area is the extensive system of free shuttles.  And unlike the Lake Placid shuttle, these keep a very tight schedule, so they are almost always on time.  There are actually 7 different shuttle loops or routes.  This means I will be able to leave my motorhome parked for a full week!  Yea! 

The one I used today picks up directly at my campground and goes to the village of Bar Harbor, below.

There are a couple of very pleasant little parks in town.  This one is near the harbor.   

I don't know what this hotel is, but what a pretty place with a spectacular view of the harbor!

Way past time for lunch, especially since I skipped breakfast.  I don't want a full sit-down meal, so I picked this place--good choice.
A "naked" lobster roll, by the way, is one without mayonnaise.  I don't particularly like mayonnaise, but they seldom use much anyway.  This one was a "warm naked lobster roll" which meant it had no mayo, but they warmed it up and drizzled melted butter on it.  I found a nice bench in town, grabbed a soft drink, and ate my warm lobster.  Delicious!

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