Monday, August 31, 2015

8/31 St. Martin Sea Caves, New Brunswick

Today had been a perfect last day of August--sunny with a cool sea breeze!  Warm enough to not bother with a jacket, but not hot, even in the full sun. I even turned my AC off and have opened up windows. Fresh air smells good.  

Remember last night's beach photo?  Here it is at low tide.  It is hard to tell, but the beach is very steep, and it's hard to get down to the water's edge because of the steepness.

And this is the same view today at high tide.

This is looking the other way at high tide.

I got some work done this morning and early afternoon, then decided to get my bike out and ride down through this little spread-out town to the sea caves at the nearby point.  I didn't stop at this charming store, but definitely plan to do so tomorrow.

St. Martins is not on the way to anything, so there is not much traffic, which is nice for bike riding.

Remember how this little port looks at about two hours after high tide.

Through the covered bridge . . . .

And the sea caves in the distance.  Tide is not quite half-way out, but level is dropping fast.

I had an early dinner at the local restaurant.  This was seafood casserole--lobster, shrimp, scallops, and fish in a creamy sauce topped with cheese and baked.  Very good!

Tide keeps going out while I eat.

Walking was very hard because of the rounded rocks.  Very easy to twist an ankle, and of course, I had forgotten my walking stick and was wearing sandals.  Should have had on my swim shoes. 

It's hard to judge the size of this cave, but you can compare it to the trees on the cliff. I did not go inside because that would have meant wading through about a foot-deep stream and possibly falling.

This is looking back toward the restaurant and parking lot in the distance.  The seafloor is nearly entirely bare.

You can see a few tiny people in the cave in this photo.

I took this photo from the same spot as I took the others while I had been eating.

This harbor had been full of water on my way to the caves. 

The fishing boats are now high and dry.  This one has some sort of prop holding it up, I think.

Don't know what I will do tomorrow.  I want to do some more bike riding around town and try out another restaurant.  I am hungry for fried clams.  Or I might drive into Saint John and wander around the shopping area downtown. 


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