Sunday, August 30, 2015

8/30 St. Martins, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

I left Bar Harbor this morning.  Yesterday was a work and do laundry day, so I was able to get a lot of things cleaned up and put away after spending nine days in Bar Harbor.  I really like that town because it has lots to do and wonderful shuttles.  I liked the campground also because my site was on a hill and I had a great view.  I have learned over the last three years that I like grand vistas instead of woodsy places to camp. 

So, today I drove just a little over 200 miles, which is about my maximum.  The first 30 and the last 40 miles were over county roads that were bumpy and uneven.  Uneven roads make the top of my tall vehicle sway from left to right like crazy, to the point where I have to really slow down, something not appreciated by the cars lined up behind me.  It also means more work for me because I have to continually steer to keep control of this big vehicle.  (I have power steering, but it is still not like steering a car.  You have to hold on hard to control the wheel.)  The result was a tiring day.  Below are some photos of New Brunswick on the good road, not the curving and swaying one!  Lots of pine trees, rocks, and low hills.

I arrived at my new campground about 5:00 p.m. Atlantic time, a time zone I did not even know existed.  New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia are all on Atlantic time, so at least I won’t need to switch again. 

Here I am getting escorted to my campsite.

I was happy to see that this was a large campground on a very open field, right on the ocean!  Or at least on the Bay of Fundy.  No satellite reception, but at least I have a fantastic view and decent free internet.  The nice ladies at the desk gave me a prime site, right at the end of a row and directly overlooking the bay, so I am happy.  I thought Bar Harbor’s 10’ tide was pretty substantial, but the tide here is 35’, I am told.  (I am about 50 miles from Fundy Provincial Park, and will be visiting there in a few days.)

I arrived at low tide, which is nice.  You can walk on this beach, but it is 100% very small pebbles and rocks, so not your usual sandy swimming beach.  In addition, since the tide is so low, there is a steep slope down to the water which made walking in my sandals tricky. 

There are some sea caves down the beach that I can ride my bike to tomorrow.  I will wear my beach shoes and take along my walking stick then. 
Incredibly beautiful weather!  Temps are in the low 70s with a pleasant breeze.   What a view!!

I apologize for my lousy camera work, but here is a video I took this evening.

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  1. Beautiful photos!! I'm from Canada, and have never been to the maritime provinces! One of my destinations once I hit the road!

    Kirsten (aka Gypsy Queen :-))