Thursday, August 27, 2015

8/27 Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine

Most schools have not started in this area, so even though the season should be winding down, the national park and the tourist areas around here are still very busy.  I had rented a car yesterday to drive the long distance to see an orthopedic surgeon about getting cortisone injections in my trigger thumb and finger, so I took this opportunity this morning to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain which is one of the few places the shuttles do not go.

In fact, the road to this part of the national park was closed for a while today because the parking lot could not handle all the cars.  I drove past the entrance, turned around, and made it in the second time. I still had to wait a while for a parking spot to be free.  

Great view of Bar Harbor in the distance. I used my telephoto for this picture.

And more views from the top.

This mountain, like most of the mountains around here, is not very tall, but is made of very old and very dense granite and other volcanic rock.

Even the cracks are heavily worn.  The glaciers did pass over this area, but I could really not see any deep grooves. 

Lots of people walking around on the rocks.  Signs said you could walk on the rocks, but to please stay off the vegetation on the ground. This couple brought their lawn chairs.

Another photo of Bar Harbor.

The previous views were to the northeast.  The two below looked more southeast toward open ocean.


Lots of people walking around on the rocks.  There were a lot of pools and water seeps because it rained most of yesterday.

Heading back down to town.

My campground is only two miles from the national park and four miles from Bar Harbor.  I am guess the campground is somewhere in the far left of this photo, not too far from the bay and on the top of a hill.

This is another photo taken from the main road around the island.  Nice view, don't you think?

Tomorrow I am sleeping in and then heading for the boat tour of a lighthouse and the shores of the national park.

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