Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3/4 Gambel Rogers SP, Flagler Beach, FL

Beautiful place to stay for a while!  Camping sites here are right next to the beach, and I can see the ocean while sitting in my recliner--what a life!

My site is right next to the wooden boardwalk that takes you over the small dunes,  so I have a very short walk to the ocean.  They do not like you walking across the vegetation in Florida because it protects against storms and hurricanes.

I enjoyed a short walk yesterday just before dark as the tide was going out, but it was getting cold and I did not walk as long as I wanted to.

This is a fairly large sandpiper of some sort I followed, but I cannot find out for sure in my little Audabon book exactly what kind he or she is.  [Turned out to be a willet in breeding plummage, per my bird-son, below.]


  1. a willet, i think. ugly plumage this time of year

    1. Thanks. I wondered if it was juvenile or female plummage because it did noy quite match any of the photos I saw. The Audabon book does not list all plummages: their photo and description showed grey and black! I checked the internet, and it makes sense that this is adult breeding willet plummage. It was one of the larger shore birds wandering around.

      Easiest identification I made was when I almost ran down a flock of snowy egrets in my RV! Black bills and black legs were right in my windshield. Luckily I missed them all, but it was quite startling.