Saturday, March 2, 2013

2/24 Sebastian Inlet Video

This is a video I took under the bridge that goes over the opening of Sebastian Inlet.  There is a very strong tidal current here because of the size of the inland waterway that empties through this opening.

Note the constructed tidal pool on the opposite side.  It seems to be set up as a sort of swimming area, but when the tide goes out, you can walk in the sand in the shallow water. 

There are also small fishing piers under each side of the bridge that were filled with people fishing.  And where you have people fishing, you have pelicans hoping for some scraps. 

What was funny were the problems the pelicans were having trying to hang around the fishermen under the bridge.  First, there was a very strong wind blowing, so they had problems with that.  Second, every time they landed in the water, the current took them out towards the ocean so they had to fly back and land again.


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