Sunday, March 10, 2013

3/10 Washington Oaks State Park

Drove down about 20 miles north of my campground just to explore and bumped into this state park.  It was the home of a wealthy couple who build a small vacation home here in the 30s along the inland waterway and built up beautiful gardens.  It was left to the State of Florida and has been maintained as it was then, as part of the bequest.  Beautiful place.

This first photo shows the original Highway A1A.  Love those live oaks!  Their branches are so spreading and they look gorgeous hung with air plants and Spanish moss.

The rose garden is not quite yet in bloom.

And here, along what was originally the home's dock area, and what is now a fishing area for the public, was a great blue heron doing what fishing birds do here in Florida--waiting patiently in the right place for a handout.

I then drove back across the main highway to the area of the state park that was along the ocean.  Neat rocks to crawl on while the surf pounded them.

 And finally, here is me:

All in all, it was a great day.  Temps were up to 73, it was sunny, and the winds were bracing and fresh!  Can't beat that for early March, even in Florida.

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