Saturday, March 2, 2013

2/25 Treasure Coast

They call this area of Florida the Treasure Coast because so many Spanish and Pirate ships carrying treasure were sunk along this coast. 

Today, I rode my bike two miles down the road from the campground to visit a treasure museum.  Nice ride on a sidewalk and bike path:

The McLarty Treasure Museum is part of Sebastian Inlet State Park.  It was named after the man who first found treasuur

Here is the sign that describes the Spanish fleet that was sunk here.  The many survivors swamashore here and set up camp.  Some of the treasure was recovered right away, but much of it still is along this coast.  In fact, people still occasionally find pieces of eight or even jewelry after big storms!

I could not take photos inside the museum, but here are three of the beach from the deck they have built that looks like a ship:

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