Friday, March 29, 2013

3/25 More Fernandina Beach Photos

Was sitting in my recliner at dusk one day, when a pair of deer walked by in the dunes just in front of me.  I was able to get a couple of photos, and this was the best.

And here is what she was looking at:
This was a naval supply ship of some sort from the nearby submarine base. There are a lot of ships coming and going into this deep-water port, including submarines, but I did not see any of these.  Here are a couple more ships I was able to take photos of.  One is another naval supply ship and the other some sort of container ship.

I drove into the town of Fernandina Beach today to walk around and take a trolly tour.  Here is the little town that is mostly filled with tourist things.

It has a nice little port area:

And some of the local residents:

I'm off for Orlando in a couple of days.  Need to do my last load of laundry and some house cleaning, plus get my grades in for the semester.  I really hate to leave this beach area, but at least after Orlando, I'll be headed north along the Atlantic coast, so will see more beach on the way.

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  1. Love you beach/deer and beach/boat pictures in particul. They have a unique perspective.