Thursday, March 21, 2013

3/19 Fort Clinch

This fort was built for the seminole wars and construction continued right up until the Civil War.  The Union soldiers did not consider it a high priority fort, so they left.  Then the Confederate soldiers took up residence for a few years, but left when it was clear the Union soldiers were returning because the war was ending.  It was still unfinished and had only a few of the guns it had been promised.  Part of the fort were supposed to be three stories tall, and that was never finished either.

The day I was there, there was no admission charge because the Ritz Carlton Hotel was setting up for some big event.  There were rental trucks outside unloading tables, chairs, and other catering equipment.
The fun part was watching the pickup truck hauling a trailer full of equipment that was having trouble making it through the long, narrow entrance.  Ever back up a trailer when you have only 5 inches on each side and you are in a tunnel?

I gave up and went for a walk around the fort.  Nice, pleasant place for a fort. At least here, becasue of the constant wind, there would be no mosquitos as there would have been in most places in Florida during the summer.

By the time I got back, they had somehow made it. Here is what the inside looked like, partially set up.

And some of the guns from the battlements:

Some of the soldiers quarters were open.

FYI: Forts stay in pretty good condition when there are never any shots fired against them and the only times the cannon were fired was in practice!  Even the federal government gave up on this fort and sold it after WWII.  Soon after, the state bought it from the buyer and turned it into a state park.  It has been maintained as it was in 1864. 

I will probably go back here later in the week when there is not so much commotion and the fort is not full of tents! 

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