Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/18 Fernandina Beach

This is a very small campground nestled in the sand dunes along Fernandina Beach in northern Florida on Amelia Island.  I was going to back into my site, but then decided that I would rather look at the dunes than the restroom, so I turned around and hooked up facing the scrub and dunes.

The best part is that there are no motorcycles here and we are almost two miles from any roads!  Just to our north is Cumberland Sound, which is a major shipping channel inland.  There are long breakwalls on either side of this channel.  To the south of the campground, is the southern breakwall and pier.

About 300 feet from the campground over a wooden boardwalk is the Florida edge of Cumberland Sound to the left and the pier and the Atlantic to the right, maybe 600 feet.  The beach is beautiful, especially at low tide, and very deserted. 

Here are some photos from my first beachwalk. The first one faces toward the sound and Georgia.  The second shows the pier in the distance.  Nothing like having such a beautiful beach to yourself!  Love it.

Tomorrow I will ride my bike to the civil war fort in the park, but one of these days I will take a very long walk towards the pier and the homes beyond. 


  1. Nice...my dd and sil was at that beach on the way to visit me at Christmas...they loved it...so much they stopped there on the way back to VA.

  2. Am enjoying your blog and was hoping to be on the coast of Florida next month but sustained an injury and will have to postpone for now. Fernandina Beach was one of my stops. Enjoy!