Thursday, July 27, 2017

7/23 Drive through Idaho & the Snake River Canyon

I have traveled several times through Idaho, but always in the northern parts.  This was the first time I have driven through the southern part of the state.  I decided to stop at Twin Falls because I wanted to do some shopping.  Twin Falls is a booming town, at least based on the number of good-sized chain stores.  

Anyway, as I was driving over a bridge into town, I was literally "wowed" by this view!  This is the Snake River Canyon, and I had no idea it even existed.  No time to stay here, but I definitely am putting it on my list!  The river is 500' below the bridge, by the way.  Also, this is very near where Evel Knieval attempted to jump the canyon and failed.  Ooops!  I did not see it, but there is a monument to his jump:

There is a parking area and a place where you can walk down to an observation platform at the north end of the bridge.  This is the view to the east. 

This is a view of the bridge from the observation platform.

And this is a view to the west.  There is a road to get down there and a golf course in the distance, believe it or not, as you can see in the distance. 

A telephoto view of the golf course.  Check out the nearest trap!  

And there were some kayakers below me.  

 This is an interesting place I am definitely coming back to!  Right now, I have to continue to head west to Oregon. 

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  1. You are definitely amazing! I have read all of 2012. I need to do something else today too. Your blog makes me want to buy now and get on the road. Safe travels!