Thursday, July 27, 2017

7/19 Strawberry Bay, UT

I am working my way west to Oregon.  I have been trying to stick to higher altitudes because of the hot summer.  I have not always been successful, however, but I have seen some beautiful scenery.  Strawberry Bay Recreation Area is about 60 miles east of Salt Lake CIty and Provo, UT, in the Uinta-Wasach-Cache Mountains at 7,600 feet in altitude.  It was mostly in the 70s and low 80s while I was there.  We had some rain almost every day, which I did not expect.

The drive in was beautiful.  Note the clouds and approaching rain.

Mostly, there are rolling hills here with a lot of scrub, but hardly any trees. 

And here is the lake!  Or reservoir, I should say.  There are hardly any natural lakes in this area. 

 There are several campgrounds in this area--some have no hookups, but I chose the loop with full hookups, meaning they have water, sewer, and electric.  

Next time I come here, I am going to get a better site so I have a nicer view of the lake.  I took this photo while out on a walk.  

Now here is something funny--I was having satellite problems, so I had to call Dish technical support.  One of the first questions they asked was if I had any trees blocking my satellite dish!  Hardly, since these trees are at least half a mile away.   

I spent a very quiet and relaxing 3 days here, but I am now off to Salt Lake CIty for a couple of days. 

 No photos of Salt Lake City or Provo, but I did some shopping and visited with another lady who is thinking of buying a motorhome but is not sure of the size she wants.

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