Tuesday, July 4, 2017

7/1 Breckenridge & Hoosier Pass

This was a great drive, even if my vehicle tried to misbehave coming down from Hoosier Pass.  Something was funny about when it downshifted, but it worked itself out and was fine the rest of the day  Going to get it looked at as soon as I can and get the transmission fluid flushed.  It is about time, since I have 102,000 miles. 

The ski town of Breckenridge is just 10 miles south of Frisco where I have been camping.  This area has some of the highest mountains in Colorado and some of the most expensive skiing areas around.  Can you believe $175 for a one day lift pass?   I did not feel like wandering around the town, so I chose to take the free ski lift up to the main lodge area.  

When my kids were teenagers, I took them on a Colorado trip.  After taking the train from Durango to Silverton and back, we drove up to Breckenridge and found this slide.  I bought the kids an all-day pass, gave them some money for lunch, and then went into town and shopped for a while. 

Instead of just the slide, they now have a whole recreation area up there with goofy golf, a roller coaster, and other activities.  Day passes are now as much as $80 per day, and the slide is $25 for a single ride!  Ridiculous!  I don't think the all-day slide pass was more than $10 way back when.  

 Just took these photos of downtown Breckenridge.  It also is a LOT bigger than I remember it from 20+ years ago.

Just south of town is Hoosier Pass.  The road is much more curvy and steep than Monarch Pass, which I drove later that day but did not take any photos. 

I chatted with a truck driver who was sitting in his cab waiting for something to cool down.  He was hauling gravel and said he made 8-10 trips over the pass each day!  Not my idea of a fun drive with the switchbacks and steep road.  

Also, chatted with a 58-year-old woman who had ridden her bike all the way up and was planning on heading down to the next town, then turning around to go back over the pass.  Whew!  That does not sound like fun either.  She says she lives in Breckenridge and does it at least once a week.

 Now, THIS sign was funny.  First, it was about 600 feet from the summit of the pass.  Second, there is a steep drop-off immediately behind the sign, so the "incredible" six acres had to be mostly downhill.  I have no idea how you could build on it, but I agree that it was certainly "incredible"! 

Ah, finally down into the valley after the pass.  This is still very high country, however, but it looks a lot easier to build here than on that six acres.  

Pretty drive for the rest of the day.  


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