Tuesday, June 14, 2016

6/5 Anasizi Heritage Center, Dolores, CO

I was originally supposed to stay a few days at the McPhee Recreation area, which is near Dolores, CO.  One of the attractions was the Anasazi Heritage Center museum, but I had to cancel my plans so I could get to Salt Lake City faster to fly out to Georgia to help my elderly aunt and uncle.  The campground at the McPhee Recreation area is supposed to be very scenic, and I really liked this museum, so I will come back here next summer. 

However, I ended up driving past the museum on my way, so turned around and spent a couple of hours here.  This is "high desert" but it looks pretty green right now.  There are many areas along streams where an ancient Anasazi could plant crops and the woodlands would have supported deer and elk.

This is also not too far from Mesa Verde National Park and Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, both of which were occupied by the Anasazi. 

Obviously, this is not an Anasazi cat, but it was interesting and had a traditional design on it.

 Interesting shapes and designs on this Anasazi pottery!

These are modern woven baskets.  Note the detail on some of these. 

Note quite an ancient design!!

 Headed home to my RV.

 And onward to Salt Lake City airport.  More varied scenery.

This area looks like a moonscape you could use to make a sci-fi movie.

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