Friday, June 24, 2016

6/19 South Lake Tahoe Campground

I was planning on spending three nights here and having time to ride my bike around and explore.  Unfortunately, my bike needs repair and I have to get to Napa sooner than I though to get a cap on a tooth.  So, I had only one night here, and I probably picked the worst night possible since it was Sunday, and the place was packed!  I think I am going to come back, but at a quieter time of year.

Since I came in from Nevada, this was my first view of the Sierras.

This is certainly an interesting route!

Campground was a little too woodsy for me.  I like open views and easy satellite access.  Thick woods makes me a little claustrophobic.  Also, a little tricky pulling in and out because of the big trees on either side of my site.

This is the beach and picnic area across the road from the campground.  Nice view, but really, really dirty water. 

This is the south end of Lake Tahoe, and I was really surprised at how muddle the water was.  Yuck!!!  I don't think I would want to swim here!  It looks clearer in the distance, so maybe next time, I will try one of the campgrounds father north around the lake.

Traffic, traffic, traffic.  Even though the campground is directly across the street from the beach, I had to walk down to the light to cross. 

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