Tuesday, June 14, 2016

6/14 East Canyon State Park, UT

East Canyon is in the mountains about 50 miles east of Salt Lake City.  I think it is an amazingly green and very pretty place, and I have been here for three days through some rain and one sunny day.  This is how it looked when I arrived. 

Two days later, it looked like this.  Much brighter and sunnier!  I like that campsites are nicely spread apart.  The campground was full Saturday night, but emptied out Sunday morning.  I LOVE Sunday mornings!  Unfortunately, there was no cell service at all and only a tiny bit of data so I could get internet access.

Headed out today, my last day here, I saw this herd of sheep and their lambs. Lots of baaaing.

Looks like there is a lot for sheep to eat since there have been a couple of rains lately.

More sheep down the road.  Each one had a lamb, except for one that had twins.

My route south to Provo, UT, took me over a 7,500 foot pass.  There was a large parking lot where I stopped to take some photos.  You can almost see Provo in the distance.

Hard to believe this is rocky, hot, and dry Utah, isn't it?  Looks almost like something off the Appalachian Trail. 

Hopped onto I-80 and was almost to my next campsite in Provo. 

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