Sunday, June 26, 2016

6/21 Rio Viento Campground, Rio Vista, CA

This is one of my favorite campgrounds because it is in such an interesting (and out of the way) place and is so spotlessly clean.  I've stayed here when I could not get a place at the EXPO in Napa, which is what happened this time.  It's located about 50 miles east of Napa, along the Sacramento River in the Delta region.  To get there, you have to cross a couple of very narrow bridges:

Curvy mountain passes are nothing compared to these narrow bridges!

Then, you turn right onto Sherman Island and drive along the top of the levee.  Narrow road, but luckily not too much traffic. 

This is a VERY windy place, hence the windmill farm across the river.

The campground is along the road, but has no view of the river because of the levee being so tall. 

No dusty roads here!!  And very large camping sites. 

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