Friday, June 17, 2016

6/17 Bonneville Salt Flats, NV

Driving from Provo, UT, west through Nevada, so stopped at the little rest area at the far west end of the salt flats.  There was about 6" of water, which is unusual, so people were wading about.  Got brave and took off my shoes and got in!

There were some people standing far out from shore. It took a while to figure out they were taking some professional photos of some girls in bathing suits.

This is a telephoto shot showing what they are up to. The girl on the right is posing.  Note the spots on my lens. I need a new camera because the one I use is a point-and-shoot and the lens will not come out for cleaning.  Oh, well.

The shore is stony and sharp, but once you get into the water, the salt you are standing on feels fairly soft.  You can see a lot of footprints.  Getting out was more interesting because your feet got crusted with salt and the gravel was sharp.  So I put on my shoes and just rinsed the whole thing off in the water spigot they had for that purpose.  Shoes will dry, and I have another pair handy for driving.


 Couldn't resist.  This is another one of those bridges that look like they are going nowhere.  In reality, this is an animal bridge. It allows large animals to get over the freeway without getting killed and causing a traffic hazard.

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