Friday, July 3, 2015

7/2 Eight Rules for RVing

I had wanted to call this a nice even "Ten Rules for RVing" but could only think of eight rules.  Will be happy to take suggestions, however. 

I started this list a long time ago when I learned my lesson the hard way about keeping chocolate in a motorhome.  People laugh when I tell them I have a chocolate drawer in my refrigerator, but it really is more important to have one of these than a vegetable drawer!  (The chocolate space is also shared by cheese, which is also important to have.)

So, since today was a pretty dull day, here is my list:

1.   Chocolate always goes in the refrigerator.  Leaving any kind of chocolate out in a hot RV results in an unsatisfactory puddle.

2.   It will take you twice as long to drive somewhere as you thought it would.  That’s actually a good thing, as it is nice to enjoy the drive.

3.   Pictures and maps posted by campground lie. Campsites are at least 30% smaller and twice as sloped as advertised! To adjust for this, pick a bigger and flatter site than you think you need.

4.   You can never have enough plastic bins.  Everything must go in a bin or container of some sort or it will eventually fall on the floor while you are driving. 

5.   Things disappear faster in a small space than a large one. Buy clear plastic bins to help you find the things you put somewhere but can’t find.  Think of a purse with too many compartments.   

6.   Things leak, even though they are surrounded by weather-stripping.  A driving rain will sneak past the tightest of weather-proofing to get into underneath storage.  See #4 above about plastic bins.

7.   Stuff in the refrigerator jumps around at every bump.  Therefore, food needs to be restrained with spring-loaded curtain rods, or you will have pre-scrambled eggs and things will fall out when you open the door for a snack.

8.   Pack half as much as you think you need, but take twice as much money. RVing is really not a cheap way to live.

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