Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7/26 Visiting Grandkids

While I am a full-time motorhome traveler, I don't travel or sightsee every day. That would be exhausting.  Some days I just sit around and watch television and other days I get caught up on chores and my part-time teaching.  Most of this is very unexciting, which is why I post only every few days.

This past couple of  months, I have been taken advantage of being in Michigan and Ohio to visit friends and family.  When I retired from my regular job, sold my condo and car, and took off for my life traveling in my new motorhome, I left a lot of memories and friends behind.  I try to get back to my "home" area at least once or twice each year, and this time I stayed longer than usual, so it was nice to see so many old friends and relatives.

For the past week, I have been spending time with three of my grandkids. I watched them for two days while their parents worked.  Among other things, I got to see a swim meet:

Mom was out of town, so we went to the natural history museum and hugged a dinosaur.

Got to dig up some fossil bones.

Saw a pretty little fox.

And some really old strange-looking animals.

Also got to see a new addition to the family.

And the last day before I had to leave my nearby campground, we had a daytime campfire and roasted some hot dogs right after it rained.  (Awning is at an angle so the rain can drain.)

And of course, finished up with some marshmallows and some-mores!

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