Saturday, July 18, 2015

7/17 Links to Other Interesting Blogs by Women Travelers

I have been mostly spending the last week or so getting work done and visiting friends and relatives, so very few photos of my travels.  I have slowly worked my way down from Sault Saint Marie, Michigan, to Sterling State Park, south of Detroit along Lake Erie.  I'll be spending the next few days getting more work done, taking my RV refrigerator in for repairs, and running a bunch of other errands before heading to Ohio and then New England. 

I thought some of the people who read this might be interested in links to some of the other women who travel alone and post a blog.  When I was researching and considering full-timing, I got a lot of information from their posts.  Note that there is a wide variety in preferences and "styles" of travel.   

The first one is Geogypsy.  She is Gaelyn who regularly works for the U.S. Park service at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  She has been living in various RVs for 40 years, so she is definitely the "senior" member of the group and an inspiration for others.  For the half of the year that the north rim is closed, she travels to other places in the U.S. and throughout the world, so she is truly a "geogypsy."  She is also a very nice lady who I met personally a couple of years ago.  Her blog is at  She recently had chipmunks in her ceiling and double-layer skylight, so you might want to scroll down to July 9.

Here is a list of some other women's blogs, in no particular order:
And a final special blog is written by a lady and her husband who have spent many, many winters in Mexico.  They have recently moved to Las Vegas, but I suspect they will still be doing some traveling. 

Last year, Carol and Bill, finally put together their journals from a trip they made to Argentina in 1978-79 in a 28' motorhome.  The challenge of this trip was not just driving all the way on very bad roads, but taking along four of their sons (ages 7, 9, 12, and 17) and a young close friend--7 people in a motorhome four feet shorter than mine!   They were certainly RV pioneers, and probably a bit crazy, as well. 

Addendum:  Here are a few more blogs by women who travel in RVs in case you are interested:


  1. Thank you for the mention in your blog.

    1. You are more than welcome. I enjoyed reading of your Mexico travels for so long! Glad you made it to Las Vegas and will get settled soon.

  2. My goodness, that had to be a bit cozy, at 24' and probably no slide outs either. My RV is 28' with a slide, and I'm not sure where I would put 7 people!

    I enjoy your blog.