Monday, June 29, 2015

6/29 Tobermory Shipwreck Boat Tour

Signed up for the 11:00 a.m. glass-bottom boat tour today.  They picked us up at the campground, which was nice.  Pulling out of the port of Tobermory, we were lucky to see the Chi-Cheemaun loading vehicles.  Good photos of the open bow!

This is the Big Tub lighthouse.  I think we went swimming here in about 1982 when we were last here in Tobermory. 

And the first ship we saw was the 122 foot City of Grand Rapids that caught fire in 1907.  After the crew was rescued, it was towed out of the harbor but ended up being blown back into Big Tub harbor and burning to the water line.

The viewing was actually better from the decks because you could see more of the hull at once. 

In the distance is the 119 foot Sweepstakes that sank in 1885.  Most of it was salvaged before it sank, so there is not much left.  

Most of the boat tour was around several of the islands in the area.  This little island is called White Rock, and a lot of birds nest here.

Very narrow passage here, but because the water is so deep, it was not dangerous. 

Looking out into the main part of Lake Huron at Michigan somewhere in the distance.

These are the old lighthouse keeper facilities on Flower Pot Island.  The tour boat circled this, but I think I will take a shuttle back tomorrow and do some walking.

Modern lighthouse at Flower Pot Island.

Rocky beach at Flower Pot island.  Lots of people sitting in the sun, but did not see anyone actually swimming in this icy cold water.

Back in Tobermory.

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