Saturday, June 13, 2015

6/10 Mackinaw City, MI, & Campground

I am in Mackinaw City, Michigan, at the tip of the lower "mitt" and the southern end of the Mackinac Bridge.  It spans 5 miles between the two peninsulas of Michigan and was a much-needed link in the 50s.  Previously, you could only go from one half of the state to the other by ferry, and during summer weekends the line of cars waiting for the ferry would go for miles along the highway. 

This part of Michigan was once a busy fur trading area under the French and then the English.  This is why the city is spelled the British way as "Mackinaw" and the island nearby is spelled the French way, "Mackinac."  (Either way, it is pronounced "Mackinaw.")  And as you stand next to the bridge, to your left is Lake Michigan and to your right is Lake Huron.

These photos were actually taken from the ferry to the island.

There is a very pretty park with a lighthouse just next to the bridge and a reconstructed fur trading fort on the other side. 

I made a good choice of a campground for the three days we spent here.  It is a couple of miles east of Mackinaw City and directly on Lake Huron.  Sites were a little narrow, but well worth the incredible view!


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